FJI-Precarios (Federacion de Jovenes Investigadores)

FJI-Precarios was founded in 2000. It is actually a foundational member of Eurodoc (2002) and it is composed of different regional young researchers associations spread over Spain. Since its foundation, its main objectives are focused on improving the labour conditions of young researchers, defending the dignity of the research profession, and overall, improving the situation of science in Spain. To get that, FJI-Precarios maintains contact on a regular basis with labour unions, regional and state governments, political parties and other stakeholders acting as a representative of young researchers. It is worthy to mention that one of the major achievements has been the successful campaign that led to the recognition of PhD candidates as professionals, the acknowledgment of the scientific research activity as formal/full-time job, as well as the inclusion and regulation of the rights of early stage researchers & experienced researchers in the new Spanish Law of Science, Technology and Innovation (LCTI; BOE 2011a). FJI-Precarios is glad to see that its main demands have been considered, nevertheless, the Federation is aware about the importance of keep making efforts to foster the development of science, culture and professional scientific research in Spain and Europe.

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