DMRS – Društvo mladih raziskovalcev Slovenije

The society of young researchers Slovenia (DMRS) incorporates young researchers, postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers – in brief, all young people who deal with science as a career or in some other way.

The main aims of the society are encouraging quality in Slovene higher education, striving for a higher quality of postgraduate studies, promotion and improving conditions for Slovene science and research, improving the work conditions of young researchers, more connections between research institutions and Slovene companies and, of course, bringing together our members.

We accomplish our aims by collaborating in the preparation of regulations and in public debates, by collaborating with research agencies and institutions and by preparing and carrying out independent projects.

We do not neglect the social aspect and organise various society events where we meet, exchange experiences and also have fun. Until now we have already met at parties, outings, at rafting, night sledding, cross-country skiing and bowling.

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