Eurodoc has 7 external working groups open to all interested ECRs from national associations:

*         Employement and Career Development,
*         Gender Equality,
*         Interdisciplinarity,
*         Mobility,
*         Policy Research,
*         Open Access,
*         PhD Training.

There also 2 internal workgroups: Governance WG ( and Finance WG ( These WGs are only open to Eurodoc members.

All the workgroups serve as a platform for dealing with specific topics of young researchers in Europe.

Each working group has a coordinator.

The coordinator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the working group and reporting to the Board. It is important to stress that not only delegates of Eurodoc’s member organizations can participate in the working groups. Other members within the national organizations can join as well. Furthermore, you decide for yourself how much you want to be engaged in the Working Group’s activities. You can propose new projects, be a project manager, contribute in existing projects, give advice, or just share your experience.

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