The Official Newsletter of Eurodoc, Issue #22, April 2017

We are pleased to present you the Eurodoc’s Newsletter, aimed at informing Eurodoc members and other interested parties about recent activities proceeded by the Eurodoc community.

The following issue is focused primarily of Open Science issues, both from theoretical and practical side. In June 2015 new strategic priorities were announced and set out as a new R&I policy agenda by Carlos Moedas – Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation: Open Science, Open Innovation, Open to the World. Currently the EU is leading 3Os Strategy and Open Science priorities, in particular: there is a requirement that all research publications funded under Horizon 2020 be openly accessible, free of charge. To get more engaged into the open science agenda Eurodoc will focus its Annual Conference on this topic. This Newsletter will highlight general basic information, groundwork of Open Science, as well as its specific terminology.

Besides H2020 Interim Evaluation made by Eurodoc being published, a short presentation of some key policy papers, including ERA report, is being made. Please also note the information about the upcoming Eurodoc 2017 Conference in Oslo!

Download the Official Newsletter of Eurodoc, Issue #22

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