Careers Paths in Europe – Brussels 2007

Putting the Focus on Young Researchers – Careers Paths in Europe
18. June, 2007, 18:30.
European Commission DG Research
SMDE 004 Training Room Square de Meus,

Europe needs to move to a knowledge-based economy and society. It is therefore crucial to make it more attractive for young graduates to embark on a research career. Young researchers account for a very large part of research output, a fact which is often not well recognised. This calls for a critical review of research policy and practice from the perspective of young researchers. This conference is part of an initiative bringing together trainees and young people working at the European institutions, in liaison offices and other agencies for an exchange of experience gained in their work.

Wolfgang Eppenschwandtner

Wolfgang Eppenschwandtner, EURODOC
(The European Council for Young Researchers)
gave a review on developments in research policy from the perspective of young researchers. Key issues include social security, early scientific independence and professional approach in the early stages
of a research career.



Irina Michalowitz

Irina Michalowitz, EPWS
(European Platform of Women Scientists)

added the viewpoint of women scientists and uncovered practices in place which discriminate women researchers and researchers with nonlinear career paths.




Florent Bernard

Florent Bernard, European Commission DG Research,
presented the FP7 Specific Programme on ‘People’ which, through the Marie Curie Actions, aims to improve the quality and quantity of the human resources in European R&D by promoting a career path in research, including in the private sector, encouraging European researchers to stay in Europe and by making Europe more attractive to the best researchers from around the world.

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