Policy papers

Dual Career Opportunities for Doctoral Candidates and Early Career Researchers [pdf] (February 2014)

Journal Rankings and Interdisciplinarity [pdf]

Recommendations for Implementing Interdisciplinary Mobility [pdf]

Defining Doctoral Candidates and Doctoral Training [pdf] (May 2012)

Communication on a EU Research and Innovation Funding Framework for a New Generation of Researchers [pdf] (March 2011)

Recommendations for Admitting Non-EU researchers [pdf] (October 2010)

European Career Framework [pdf] (September 2010)

Eurodoc Statement of standards in the assessment, expectations and outcomes of doctoral programmes in Europe [pdf] (01.07.2006)

Eurodoc recommendation for Core Research Career Structures in Academia [pdf] (25.01.2006)

The Strasbourg declaration: Research Doctorates for the European Knowledge Society Conclusions and Recommendations [pdf] (12.05.2005)

Eurodoc Gathering of Evidence and Development of a European Supervision and Training Charter [pdf] (September, 2004)

Eurodoc Supervision and Training Charter for Early Stage Researchers [pdf] (31.03.2004)

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