The Interdisciplinarity Workgroup’s members themselves come from various disciplines, for example engineering, health economics, philosophy and psychology. The main objectives of the interdisciplinary work group are to facilitate discussions about the design of interdisciplinary studies and research, to analyze current structures and monitor main trends andkey issues in this area.

The strategic aim is improving dialogue and joining forces with other NAs to create an interdisciplinary research community as a European online platform (facebook group) to facilitate interdisciplinary and international scientific exchange and collaboration, exchange of ideas for possible joint projects and the transfer of knowledge among its members and beyond the borders.

We have stated the operational goals for the nearest term, they are: to organize the survey and analyze the development of interdiscipli- nary in EURODOC member countries, through the eyes of young scientists (e.g. interdisciplinary PhD training and research); to create a database of contacts of young researchers in Europe in the field of interdisciplinary research; to organize a Skype conference/ seminar “The best practices of interdisciplinary research programs in Europe”

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