Upcoming event

Organized by Eurodoc:

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2013 Lisbon

Eurodoc invited:

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Past events

Organized by Eurodoc:

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2012 Krakow

Eurodoc survey presentation – Strasbourg 2011

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2011 Vilnius

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2010 Vienna

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2009 Banská Bystrica

Valorisation of the doctorate – Rennes 2008

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2008 Fribourg

Careers Paths in Europe – Brussels 2007


Eurodoc participated:
Strenghtning The European Research Area”-What Does Science Need To Flourish? – ISE Conference 03.- 04.05.2012. Barcelona, Spain
Event 2012 Ministerial Conference and Third Bologna Policy Forum 26.-27. 04. 2012. Bucharest, Romania
The European Defence Conference 2011 – a forum for debate on policy and cooperation 20.- 21.10.2011. Warsaw, Poland
ISE – General Assembly 20 September 2011  20.09.2011. Frankfurt, Germany
Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference (FOHE – BPRC 2011) 17.-19.09.2011. Bucharest, Romania
ENRC meeting in Brussels 18.05.2011. Brussels, Belgium
The 4th European University Business Forum 22.-23.03.2011. Brussels, Belgium
Bologna Seminar on ‘The 21st century doctorate – sharing European developments’  18.03.2011. Brussels, Belgium
Invitation to a Brainstorming on the Modernisation of Higher Education 25.01.2011. Brussels, Belgium
PromoDoc Consortium 20.-21.01.2011. Paris, France
International Commission Spanish Program International Campus of Excellence 19.-20.10.2010. Madrid, Spain
Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology 24.-25.09.2010. Trondheim, Norway
EAIE “Making Knowledge Work” 15.-18.09.2010. Nantes, France
EDAMBA Annual Meeting 05.-08.09.2010. Lisboa, Portugal
ESOF2010: Euro Science Open Forum 02.-07.07.2010. Torino, Italy
Delivering new solution to the European innovation landscape 02.-03.06.2010. Barcelona, Spain
ERAB Conference 06.-07.05.2010. Sevilla, Spain
ESU SEMINAR: The link between HE and Research, Equity adn Doctoral Students 22.-25.11.2009. Krakow, Poland
EHEF Bangkok 2009 – Symposium: “Thailand – EU cooperation in higher education: common interests and shared commitments”  30.10.2009. Bangkok, Thailand
Working together to strengthen Research in Europe 21.-23.10.2009. Brussels, Belgium
DRIVER summit 20.10.2009. Gent, Belgium
YEAR – Young European Associated Researchers Annual Conference 15.10.2009. Graz, Austria
Vitae researcher development conference 2009: realising the potential of researchers 08.-09.09.2009. Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, UK
The Knowledge Triangle Shaping the Future of Europe 31.08.-02.09.2009. Göteborg, Sweden
34 FEBS Congress – Life´s Molecular Interactions 04.-09.07.2009. Prague, Czech Republic
Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education 04.-05.06.2009. University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Research Career Fair 28.05.2009. Berlin, Germany
Bologna Seminar “Recognition of Prior Learning” 11.-12.12.2008. Amsterdam , Netherland
EI-ESU’s Let’s Go! Where to Now? 06.-07.10.2008. Lille, France



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