Established in 2005, Estonian Academy of Young Scientists (ENTA) has an honourable duty to represent about 2600 doctoral candidates in Estonia. Academy fulfils its goals by various thematic and intensive project-based activities, ensuring sustainability of the organisation and realization of members’ potential and their creativity. Academy organises regular meetings of the National Assembly of Doctoral Candidates. ENTA develops its competences in the following areas: international and intersectoral academic mobility, knowledge-based society and importance of interdisciplinary research, career portfolio development of early-stage researchers, intercultural learning in higher education, promotion of research-based critical thinking, youth motivation mechanisms, transferable skills and research management. Our mission is to provide useful skills and knowledge for successful research career. Academy collaborates with various organisation and institutions in order to form research and higher education landscape covering all groups of interests, including youth, students and early-stage researchers. ENTA is recognised as a reliable partner for many stakeholders in Estonia and over Europe.

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