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Module 5 - Data Management

Module Description

Managing research data effectively and efficiently is crucial for the success of any research project. In the modern eScience ecosystem, enabling optimal (re)use of data is a major challenge. This webinar will show that the best approach to managing data is to be as open and FAIR as possible. We will explore the FAIR principles in detail and highlight best practices, tools, and tips for implementing FAIR Data. We will also look at how to set up and implement a Data Management Plan (DMP) according to the FAIR principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the workflows and ethics of data management and data protection
  • Identify workflows for your data and how to implement a data management plan
  • Apply a data management plan in your research and make your data open/FAIR

Module Preparation

Each module focuses on a specific aspect of Open Science and consists of an optional short preparatory course by FOSTER and a webinar by a specialist on Open Science. For this module please follow the preparatory FOSTER course on Data Protection and Ethics. To access the FOSTER courses you need to first register on the FOSTER website. See this FAQ for any issues with the FOSTER courses.

Module Webinar

Webinar Presentations

Webinar Specialist

Paola Masuzzo is a data scientist and independent researcher. She did a PhD in health sciences from Ghent University on computational algorithms and tools for cell migration employing FAIR Data and Open Source. Paola is a member of the Research Data Alliance, founder of Civic Lab Ghent and developer at the Open Science MOOC.

Background Literature

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