#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

Eurodoc Working Groups

Eurodoc has 6 external working groups open to all interested ECRs from national associations:

All the workgroups serve as a platform for dealing with specific topics of young researchers in Europe.

There is also one internal working groups: Internal management (wg-internal-management@eurodoc.net). The working group meetings of this working group is also called the National Association meetings and are only open to Eurodoc members.

Each working group has one or more coordinator.

The coordinator(s) is responsible for coordinating the meetings and other activities of the working group. The Secretariat Coordinator coordinates the work of all the working groups and reports on their activities to the administrative board of Eurodoc

Eurodoc has also two officers:

  • Skills Officer (Nicola Dengo). Early career researchers are facing a diverse and demanding employment landscape. This positions aims to contribute to skills awareness while promoting ways to identify, acquire and document a skills relevant to early career researchers employability and career development. The skills officer is also responsible for developing skills-related recommendations and shaping skills policies.
  • Policy Officer (the position is currently vacant). The policy officer coordinates policy statements and reports. Specific activities include reviewing documents issues by the Skill officer and WG coordinators. The policy officer also liaises among WG coordinators, working on related issues, such as career development and intersectoral mobility. Finally, the policy officer supports activities of the Social Media Coordinator, especially in regards of improving Eurodoc visibility on social network platform for professionals, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.