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Edulia — a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN project

Website: http://edulia.eu/

Eurodoc is a member of the Advisory board of the EU-H2020-MSCA--ITN-ETN project Edulia “Bringing down barriers to children´s Healthy eating”. The leader of Eurodoc Doctoral Training Working Group, Eva Hnátková, is representing Eurodoc in this Advisory board.

The Edulia project responds to the urgent need of the EU society to find new ways to tackle the escalating issue of obesity, through promoting healthier eating from childhood, within the context of choice. The Innovative Training Network (ITN) under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) will train 11 early-career researchers in the innovative high-level skills across complementary fields through studying children’s food choices, to build strong career development paths.

The overall aim of the research programme is to better understand how multiple factors act as barriers for children’s healthy eating and how to tackle them, bringing together leading scientists in the Food Choice arena.

Edulia’s doctoral training programme is based on the MSCA philosophy that ITNs should “shape future generations of entrepreneurial researchers capable of contributing effectively to the knowledge-based economy and society”. Once early-career researchers are recruited, a personalised Career Development Plan (CDP) will be developed with each of them, setting a timetable, and indicating needs and opportunities. Specific research training needs and complementary and transferable skills will be detailed in each CDP, taking into consideration the background of individual researcher. The overall doctoral training programme of Edulia is designed to make the best use of the expertise and training facilities available in the network and host institutions. Wherever possible, external training opportunities are planned to maximise the benefits of mobility. The training structure for all the early-career researchers will include four areas balancing academic and non-academic training. The training will include tailor made Edulia’s training schools for the early-career researchers.

Edulia is now recruiting

Call for 11 early-career researchers (deadline 20 May 2018): http://edulia.eu/we-are-recruiting/

PhD position are available in Norway, Italy, Netherland, France, Denmark and Uruguay.