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Module 6 - Plan S

Module Description

Fifteen years after the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, the goal of full and immediate Open Access to scholarly publications remains largely unrealised, with 75% of research papers still behind paywalls in Europe. Plan S was initiated by Science Europe and the European Commission as a bold plan to achieve Open Access in the near future. This webinar will explain the motivations and principles of the plan. We will also address the current state of the plan and steps ahead.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the ethical and financial motivations behind the development of Plan S
  • Identify the key principles and policies of Plan S for full and immediate Open Access
  • Apply the principles of Plan S in your own research and comply with Plan S policies

Module Preparation

Each module focuses on a specific aspect of Open Science and consists of an optional short preparatory course by FOSTER and a webinar by a specialist on Open Science. For this module please follow the preparatory FOSTER course on Best Practice in Open Research. To access the FOSTER courses you need to first register on the FOSTER website. See this FAQ for any issues with the FOSTER courses.

Module Webinar

Webinar Presentations

Webinar Specialist

Marc Schiltz is president of Science Europe and head of Luxembourg National Research Fund. He did a PhD in Crystallography at University of Paris-Sud and executive MBA at INSEAD. Marc is active in higher education and research for over 25 years, has helped set the Open Science agenda in Europe, and is one of the architects behind Plan S.

Background Literature

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