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PRESS RELEASE: Eurodoc Report on ‘Transferable Skills and Competences’

Early-career researchers (ECRs) are facing a diverse employment landscape that is becoming increasingly intersectoral, international, and interdisciplinary. Transferable skills and competences, i.e. skills learned in one context that are useful in another, are thus very important to increase the employability of ERCs and to support their diverse career paths.

Eurodoc has today published a report on Identifying Transferable Skills and Competences to Enhance Early-Career Researchers’ Employability and Competitiveness (PDF 255 KB) by the Eurodoc Doctoral Training Working Group. The report contains a skills matrix with nine categories focusing on essential research, career development, digital, communication, cognitive, interpersonal, teaching & supervision, enterprise, and mobility skills for ECRs.

The skills matrix consists of a total of 66 transferable skills as summarised in our Eurodoc Transferable Skills for Early-Career Researchers Infographic (JPG 4.9 MB). The aim of the matrix is to promote awareness and increase uptake and training in transferable skills among ECRs and higher education institutions. The report serves as a starting point to help ECRs identify the transferable skills they have already obtained and still need to acquire.

Skills report (PDF 255 KB) | Skills infographic (JPG 4.9 MB) | Zenodo DOI