Doctoral Training Working Group

Doctoral Training Working Group

The working group “Doctoral Training” has resulted by a spontaneous workshop during the EURODOC AGM 2016 in Luxembourg. Doctoral training is very important for the future career of PhD holders and unfortunately the recommendations from key documents regarding doctoral training reforms have not been widely implemented across Europe. This was the reason why it was decided to create this WG with the main aim to promote "Good practices of doctoral training” in different contexts in Europe and to help with the implementation of recommendations from key documents.

General goals

  • Support implementation of EU key policies relevant for doctoral training, such as The seven principles of innovative doctoral training, Salzburg I and II recommendation, Doctoral Education – Taking Salzburg forward etc.
  • Collect good practices of doctoral training implementing “The seven principles ofinnovative doctoral training” with focus on European level
  • Share relevant documentation for doctoral training

Objectives 2017/2018

  1. Recruit new WG members and increase the number of active WG members
  2. Increase visibility of WG (method - LinkedIn, other social media tools) at
    • Eurodoc level (with the other WGs)
    • European level (EC, EUA level, LERU, …)
    • NAs level
  3. Improve the content of Doctoral training WG at Eurodoc website
  4. Collaborate with relevant Eurodoc WGs (by emails, skype meetings…)
  5. Collect already available data about doctoral training
  6. Evaluate the need of survey about of doctoral training
  7. Collect data for report about doctoral training models in Europe
  8. Other

Key documents about doctoral training

If you are interested in joining or contacting this WG, please send an email to