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Eurodoc publishes its statement “The doctoral education – a research education”

As a representative of doctoral candidates and junior researchers at the European level, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (Eurodoc), a grassroots federation of 25 national associations of early-career researchers (ECRs) from 23 countries across Europe, engages with all major stakeholders in research and innovation in Europe.

The evolving landscape of research and research careers, both within and beyond academia, underscores the crucial role of research education in shaping both academia and society at large. To meet the changing roles and expectations of doctoral education, Eurodoc has developed the new statement in a working group with involvement of doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates from across Europe.

The aim of the statement is to provide higher education stakeholders with a concise overview of early career researcher’s perspectives on doctoral education. In the first section, the statement addresses the skill set doctoral graduates should acquire, distinguishing between expert, research integrity, and transferable skills. In the second section, we outline the external frameworks that are pivotal for fostering high-quality doctoral education. These include financial considerations, facilitation through supervision, the autonomy of doctoral candidates, and the assessment of their skills. Lastly, the document briefly touches on crucial tenets for quality assurance of doctoral education.

The statement provides a concise overview, from the early career researcher's perspective, focusing on central skills and external frameworks. As Eurodoc advocates for high-quality doctoral education in tune with the evolving landscape of research careers, this statement serves as a practical guide for a dynamic and impactful doctoral education for the benefit of academia and society.

You can find the full statement at Zenondo “The doctoral education - a research education