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Eva Hnatkova Awarded for Her Outstanding Contribution to Eurodoc

Eva Hnatkova Awarded for Her Outstanding Contribution to Eurodoc

On November 9 & 10 in Prague, Czechia, a Eurodoc delegation participated in the KRECon conference organised by the National Library of Technology (NTK) and held a workshop on Open Research Europe (ORE), an innovative Open Access publishing platform of the European Commission. In addition, the event was also an opportunity for Eurodoccers to meet old and new friends, discuss collaborations, and establish new partnerships.

The event also offered an opportunity to warmly thank Eva Hnatkova, an Open Science Coordinator at NTK and renowned Eurodoc alumna, for her invaluable contributions to Eurodoc. Eva had left the organisation's Advisory Board earlier this year after the June conference in Uppsala, Sweden. Dr. Hnatkova’s Eurodoc journey started in 2015 as a Czech NA’s delegate, followed by many positions of trust in the Eurodoc administration including Coordinator of the Doctoral Training Working Group, General Board Member, and Vice President. In 2019/2020, Eva served as a Eurodoc President and led organisation’s efforts in advocating for the free circulation of scientific knowledge, more inclusive working environments for early career researchers, and an increase in European research funding. Notably, the fruitful Eurodoc collaboration with ORE was launched during Eva's Presidency. After her term ended, Eurodoc could fortunately continue to draw on her valuable experience as an Advisory Board member from 2020 to 2023, consulting the new boards in their work.

Eva Hnatkova’s contribution to Eurodoc can not be overstated. It was with great pleasure that Sebastian Dahle and Oleksandr Berezko, current and former Eurodoc Presidents, awarded her with the Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to celebrate her work and commitment to Eurodoc’s mission in so many ways.

We wish Eva the best of luck for all her future endeavours and very much hope she will remain connected to the Eurodoc community even without an official position. Thank you, Eva, for all your invaluable contributions and the hundreds and hundreds of hours that you put in for the community of early career researchers in Europe!