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Eurodoc Women in Research Campaign

Women in Research Campaign

The 11th of February is the International day of Women and Girls in Science and on the 8th of March it is the International Women’s Day. In Eurodoc we would like to mark both of these, by putting focus on the great community of people who identify themselves as female researchers (no matter the field of research) and are involved in Eurodoc or the NAs. 

To do so, we have designed an Instagram campaign. To participate in the campaign, you must have been active in Eurodoc or an NA, answer four questions and provide two photos. You find the detail requirements below. We would appreciate if you share this information with other female researchers in your NA. 

The answers and photos will be shared on Instagram between the 11th of February and the 8th of March.

If you wish to participate in the campaign you must fulfill the following mandatory requirements for us to publish your answer:

  • Answer at the 4th of February the latest
  • Agree to having your answers and photos shared on social medias
  • You must answer to ALL the questions
  • The total length (questions included) should not exceed 250 words
    • You can choose which question to elaborate more, but each answer must range between 30 and 100 words.
  • Add 2 pictures that are not protected by copyright, one of yourself and one related to your research, 
  • Answer through this google form

These requirements are designed such that the campaign looks coherent and ensures that our workload carrying it out is reasonable. Please respect them.

For inspiration, you can see some examples of answers here.

About the project

In Eurodoc, we believe in equal opportunity, and that there are many ways to contribute to science, including advocating for good science and dignity for researchers. We think all the Eurodoc advocates can be role models for those girls and women who would like to become researchers, and also for those who already are researchers but struggle in it. We’d like to gather and share our stories.

The campaign is designed by Sara Pilia, Anna Pavelieva, and Pil Maria Saugmann and in case of questions, we ask you to email us on pilmaria.saugmann@eurodoc.net, anna.pavelieva@eurodoc.net and sara.pilia@eurodoc.net. If you recognise yourself as a non-binary and want to raise awareness of non-binary researchers in academia, please also contact us.