#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

European ECRs for the ORE Project: Open Call for the 1st Focus Session Participants

In spring 2021, the European Commission launched 'Open Research Europe' (ORE), an Open Access Publishing Platform for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries. ORE offers rapid publication of various article types without editorial bias. All articles benefit from transparent peer review and are published under an open license. The platform is a significant step towards Open Science in Europe. Eurodoc, as an expert partner in the ORE project, is ensuring that the voice of early-career researchers (ECRs) is heard.

One of Eurodoc's tasks in supporting ORE is to help to develop a Sustainability Plan for the project. In particular, Eurodoc will organise two focus sessions from ECRs to inform the Sustainability Strategy through consultation with the Eurodoc community.

The first focus session (20-25 attendees) will take place on November 25-27, 2021, in Lviv, Ukraine, during the 10th International Youth Science Forum "Litteris et Artibus." In case of a difficult pandemic situation, the session will be held online or in a hybrid format.

We encourage ECRs from the European Union and the Council of Europe countries interested in Open Science to apply for participation in this focus session (brainstorming, focus group work, experience sharing, etc.).

Participants are also expected to act as open peer reviewers at the "Litteris et Artibus" Forum. They are also encouraged to become speakers and publish a research paper free of charge in the Forum Proceedings.

Participation in the Forum will be free of charge. Eurodoc will offer covering accommodation and travel costs for the participants. To apply, please fill in this Google form before 6 pm CET on 15 October 2021 - https://forms.gle/pQ3VNwQf8qSHqDbeA 

We are looking forward to your applications!