From Eurodoc

  • Make PhDs employees not students (NewScientist blog post) [link] (March 2012)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution (4): Intersectoral Boundary Spanning [pdf](November 2011)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution (3): Lifting Barriers and Moving Researchers in the European Union [pdf] (November 2011)
  • Commentary on the implementation of the “European Researcher’s Partnership” (includes the Five principle and Recommendation towards a more open European Labour) [pdf]

From European Commission (EC)

  • European Researcher’ mobility and careers, 25th February 2010, Available at[pdf]
  • Better careers and more mobility: a European partnership for researchers, EC, 23th May 2008, 10059/08, Available at [pdf]
  • The European Research Area: New Perspectives, 4th April 2007, 8322/07, Available at [pdf]
  • The European Charter for Researchers and code of conduct for recruitment of researchers, 18th July 2005, 7321/05, Available at [pdf]
  • Mobility of researcher between industry and academia. 12 practical recommendations, Available at [pdf]
  • Evidence on the main factors inhibiting mobility and career development of Researchers, Available at [pdf]

From European Parliament

  • Cross-border Mobility of Young Researchers, Available at [pdf]

From European Universities Association (EUA)

  • Prague Declaration, 20th March 2009, Available at [pdf]

Other Mobility documentation

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