ADS (Asociácia doktorandov Slovenska)

Slovak PhD Students’ Association (ADS) is an organization that unites Ph.D. students and young scientists up to the age of 35 in Slovakia. Established in 2002, our goal is to improve the performance of junior researchers and university teachers in Slovakia. Currently (2009) ADS has around 550 individual and 2 collective members. Major achievements of ADS include an almost twofold increase of scholarships of the full-time PhD. students in October 2004, change of the legislative status of doctoral students in November 2004 (PhDs are now considered as students, before, the status was unclear), non-taxation of stipends of PhD. students as well as health insurance for PhD. students in December 2007, organizing several training for first-time university teachers as well as trainings in the area of fundraising and project management. ADS has also been regularly invited as a representative of doctoral students when any change in legislation is being considered concerning PhD. students in Slovakia. We have also been represented in the committee preparing recommendations for junior staff development programs in Slovakia.

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