RMU – Young Scientists Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

RMU is an independent collegial body representing Ukrainian young scientists.  The Council has an advisory capacity and cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. RMU was founded on June 13, 2012.

The mission of the Council is to consolidate and protect the interests of young scientists of Ukraine: graduate students, PhDs and Doctors of Science as well as promoting science and engaging student body in research. RMU main objectives are:

  • Coordinating the cooperation of youth science non-governmental organizations established in the research institutions and universities of Ukraine.
  • Representing the interests of Ukrainian young scientists in government agencies on local, national and international level as well as in organizations of any kind.
  • Preparing proposals on developing favourable legal and socio-economic conditions to engage talented youth into research, stimulate professional activity of young scientists.
  • Providing young scientists with legal consulting and support in matters of scientific research, patenting etc.
  • Forming groups of young scientists to perform advanced research projects, organizing competitions of such projects.

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