Policy Papers

The working group has produced several policy papers, as well as provided commentaries on important issues related to career development and doctoral education.

Policy Papers:

  • Defining Doctoral Candidates as professionals [pdf] (May 2012)
  • Position Paper on needed career skills and skill evaluation [pdf] (August 2011)
  • European Career Framework [pdf] (September 2010)
  • Use of European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) in Doctoral Programmes – Working discussion paper [pdf] (December 2006)
  • Tim Brown: Report and commentaries on the Eurodoc statement of Standards in the assessments, expectations and outcomes of doctoral programmes in Europe [pdf] (31.07.2006)
  • Eurodoc Statement of standards in the assessment, expectations and outcomes of doctoral programmes in Europe [pdf] (01.07.2006)
  • Eurodoc Gathering of Evidence and Development of a European Supervision and Training Charter [pdf] (September, 2004)
  • Eurodoc Supervision and Training Charter for Early Stage Researchers [pdf](31.03.2004)


  • Defining Doctoral Candidates as professionals in Nature [link] (June 2012)
  • Teaching obligations for doctoral candidates [pdf] (April 2012)
  • Make PhDs employees not students (NewScientist blog post) [link] (March 2012)
  • Better student stability, Press on ERA (Brief in Nature) [link] (November 2011)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution (4): Intersectoral Boundary Spanning [pdf](November 2011)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution (3): Lifting Barriers and Moving Researchers in the European Union [pdf] (November 2011)
  • Eurodoc officially endorses European Charter and Code of Conduct [pdf](November 2011)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution (2): Recognising PhDs as Professionals [pdf](November 2011)
  • ERA Consultation Contribution: Attracting Non-EU Researchers to the European Research Area [pdf] (September 2011)
  • OECD study on the University World News [link] (August 2011)
  • Admitting foreign researchers to the EU [link] (August 2011)
  • Eurodoc feedback on the Docent Project [pdf] (July 2011)
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