In 2001 several members of national organisations for young researchers met at a conference in Uppsala organized in the course of the Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union. They recognized the urgent need to establish a European-wide organisation for young researchers and took the occasion to initiate a European network of national organisations. Following these efforts, Eurodoc was founded in Girona in Spain on 2 February 2002. Finally, Eurodoc was legally established in 2005 in Brussels as an international non-profit organisation.

In a meeting of ministers responsible for Higher Education in Berlin in 2003, doctoral programmes were first mentioned in the Bologna Process setting. Since then, Eurodoc has been playing an active role in pertinent Bologna seminars and projects. Its involvement in the Bologna Process has been formally acknowledged in 2007 by the formal status of “partner” to the Bologna Process Follow up group.

Board 2015

President Margaux Kersschot Belgium
Vice-President Carole Chapin France
Secretary Miia Ijäs Finland
Treasurer Clemens Nyffeler Switzerland
Member Marcell Gáspár Hungary
Member Sanjin Marion Croatia
Member Ewelina Pabjańczyk-Wlazło Poland

Board 2014

President John Peacock Belgium
Vice-President Filomena Parada Portugal
Secretary Anna Tschaut Germany
Treasurer Fabian Faller Luxembourg
Member Wolfgang Müller Austria
Member Kristina Ferkovic Croatia
Member Margaux Kersschot Belgium

Board 2013

President Slobodan Radičev Serbia
Vice-President Kristina Majsec Croatia
Secretary John Peacock Belgium
Treasurer Patrick Tuijp the Netherlands
Member Ivo Neto Portugal
Member Marcin Styrna Poland
Member Jovan Shopovski Macedonia

Board 2012

President Slobodan Radičev Serbia
Vice-President Ricardo Rosado Norway
Secretary Kristina Majsec Croatia
Treasurer Georgios Papavasileiou Cyprus
Member Dorottya Poczi Hungary
Member Klaudia Czopek Poland
Member Luke Herbert Denmark

Board 2011

The Eurodoc board 2011, elected in Vilnius during the 2011 Annual Meeting:

President Ludovic Garattini France
Vice-President Zsófia Zadravecz Hungary
Secretary Georgios Papavasileiou Cyprus
Treasurer Raphaël Royer France
Member Elena Golovushkina UK
Member Sanne Lykke Lundstrøm Denmark
Member Bruno Gomes Portugal

Board 2010

The Eurodoc board 2010 has been elected in Vienna (Austria) during the 2010 Eurodoc Annual General Meeting. on March 14, 2010

President Izabela Stanisławiszyn Poland
Vice-President Ing-Marie Ahl Sweden
Secretary Sif Jónsdóttir Iceland
Treasurer Gertjan Tommel The Netherlands
Member Marisa Alonso-Núñez Spain
Member Liliya Bondareva Russia
Member Leone Cavicchia Italy

Board 2009

The 2009 board has been elected in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) on March 28th 2009:

President Nikola Macharová Slovakia
Vice-President Nadia Koltcheva Bulgaria
Secretary Elena Xeni Cyprus
Treasurer Darius Köster France
Member Ing-Marie Ahl Sweden
Member Zaza Nadia Lee Hansen Denmark
Member Sverre Lundemo Norway

Board 2008

The 2008 board has been elected in Fribourg (Switzerland) on April 5th 2008.

President Karoline Holländer Germany
Vice-President Paulo Silva Portugal
Secretary Brigita Serafinavičiūtė Lithuania
Treasurer Jan Holeček Czech Republic
Member Stephan Kurz Austria
Member Aurelién Lamy France
Member Dmitri Teperik Estonia

Board 2007

The 2007 has been elected in London (UK) on March 17th 2007.

President Koen van Dam Netherlands
Vice-President Raquel Santos Portugal
Secretary Dunja Potocnik Croatia
Treasurer Rhys Kearney UK
Member Armando Carlone Italy
Member Judit Financz Hungary
Member Dmitri Teperik Estonia

Board 2006

The 2006 has been elected during the 2006 Eurodoc Annual General Meeting, held in Bologna (Italy) on March 11th and 12th, 2006.

President Raffaella Ockinger Sweden
Vice-Presidnet Tine Ejdrup Denmark
Secretary Dunja Potocnik Croatia
Treasurer Harpreet Singh UK
Member Dejan Caglic Slovenia
Member Ingrid Chanefo France
Member Raquel Santos Portugal

Board 2005

The 2005 has been elected during the Eurodoc Annual General Meeting, held in Strasbourg on March 13th, 2005.

President Francis Vella France
Vice-President Toni Gabaldon Spain
Secretary Christophe Van de Velde Belgium
Treasurer Harpreet Singh UK
Member Tine Ejdrup Denmark
Member Sandra Bohlinger Germany
Member Sasha Jenko Kokalj Slovenia

Board 2004

The 2004 board has been elected in Athens (Greece) on the 21st of March, 2004.

President Renzo Rubele Italy
Vice-President Tomas Zalandauskas Lithuania
Secretary Daniel Mietchen Germany
Treasurer Esther Schouten Netherlands
Member Eleanna Galanaki Greece
Member Christian Siegler Germany/Spain
Member Harpreet Singh UK

Board 2003

The 2003 board has been elected in Soest (The Netherlands) on February 23rd, 2003.

President Christian Siegler Spain
Vice-President Renzo Rubele Italy
Secretary Daniel Mietchen Germany
Treasurer Shuo Wang Qiao Norway
Member Alexandre Urani France
Member Denise Haseleers Netherlands
Member Hajnalka Szamos Hungary

Board 2002

The first board has been elected in Girona (Spain), on the 2nd of February, 2002.

President Alexandra Lewis UK
Vice-President Toni Gabaldon Spain
Secretary Susannah Scott Ireland
Treasurer Maria Villaroya Spain
Member Alexandre Urani France
Member Annemarie Kerkhoff Netherlands
Member Juergen Schoepke Germany

Board 2001

A first founding board was set up in Upsala (Sweden) in March 2001 before Eurodoc was formally established as an organisation.

President Raoul Tan
Vice-President Toni Gabaldon
Secretary Nils Morner
Daniel Mueller-Etienne
Member Enrico Piazza
Member Alex Lewis
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