European Forum of Young Innovators 2016

EFYI is an event that brings together representatives of the world of science and business, to discuss the key issues affecting young innovators. More »


Eurodoc has several workgroups: Career Development, Gender Equality, Interdisciplinarity, Mobility, Policy Research, Open Access, Governance, Finance, and Communication. The three latter are internal workgroups. All the workgroups serve as a platform for dealing with specific topics of young researchers in Europe. More »

History of Eurodoc

During the general meeting Eurodoc celebrated 10 years since its founding commemorating events and achievements since the first general meeting in Girona, Spain, in 2002. More »

Eurodoc members

Eurodoc is an international federation of 35 national organisations representing PhD candidates and young researchers from 35 countries of the European Union, and the Council of Europe. More »

Eurodoc projects

Eurodoc is part of many European and international projects More »

Join Eurodoc

Eurodoc consists of 35 member organisations. They all aim to improve the conditions of young researchers in their country, both by getting involved in research and higher education policy, but also by promoting interdisciplinary communication and networking. More »

Eurodoc conference Budapest 2014

Eurodoc conference Budapest 2014 More »


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