Eurodoc Members

Eurodoc members (national associations and observers)

EU Members

  • Austria - Austrian Students' Union ( - OH)
  • Belgium - Focus Research
  • Croatia - Young Scientists Network (MLAZ)
  • Czech Republic - The Student chamber of the Council of HEIs (SK RVŠ)
  • Denmark - PhD Association Network of Denmark (PAND)
  • Finland - Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT)
  • France - Confederation of Young Researchers (CJC)
  • Germany - The Interdisciplinary Network for DCs and ESRs (THESIS)
  • Hungary - The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Students (DOSZ)
  • Ireland - Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT)
  • Ireland - Union of Students in Ireland (USI)
  • Italy - Italian Association of PhD Candidates and ESRs (ADI)
  • Latvia - The Association of Latvian Young Scientists (LJZA)
  • Lithuania - Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (LSYR)
  • Luxembourg - Luxembourg's Young Researchers Association (LuxDoc)
  • Netherlands - The PhD Candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN)
  • Poland - National Representation of Doctoral Candidates (KRD)
  • Portugal - Portuguese Association of Grant-Holding Researchers (ABIC)
  • Slovakia - Slovak PhD Students’ Association (ADS)
  • Slovenia - The society of young researchers Slovenia (DMRS)
  • Spain - Federacion de Jovenes Investigadores (FJI-Precarios)
  • Sweden - Swedish Network of Postdoc Associations (SNPA)
  • Sweden - The National Student Union of Sweden (SFS-DK)

European Free Trade Association (EFTA) members

  • Norway - Association of Doctoral Organisations in Norway (SiN)
  • Switzerland - (actionuni)

Associated EU Members

  • Serbia - (Doktoranti Srbije)

Eastern Partnership members

  • Ukraine - Young Scientists Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters Union (AYSPMU)


There are 4 observers. The 2 individual observers are Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina and the 2 organisation observers are Ro-Doc from Romania and YSDCG from Georgia.