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Research Assessment & Career Paths Working Group

Research Assessment & Career Paths Working Group

This working group (WG) is dedicated to everything concerning the career paths available to researchers, with a particular focus on the assessment of research and researchers. This year's main scope is the analysis of research assessment practices across the European area.

The work of the group is led by co-coordinators Nicola Dengo, a postdoc at the University of Insubria (Italy) in the field of chemistry, and Rimsha Naeem, a PhD candidate of the School of Management, University of Vaasa (Finland).

The WG was created during the Eurodoc AGM in Sweden (Uppsala, 2023) as an evolution and adaptation of the previous Career Development WG. This change was done to enable Eurodoc to participate effectively in the discussion regarding both researchers' career frameworks and assessment procedures that are currently happening inside and around the European institutions.

In relation to the topic of Research Assessment, the WG works to:

  1. Collect information about the status quo in different countries, including legislation & practices, and criticalities connected to their implementation.
  2. Perform a critical assessment of pros and cons of different assessment procedure across the EU area
  3. Develop a strong and shared position about assessment practices inside the association that can be used as input to our interaction to Coara

Background information and useful resources:

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