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Research and Society Working Group

Research and Society Working Group

This working group focuses on the role research play in society and the role society plays in research. This includes research integrity, academic freedom, and research and responsible innovation but is, of course, not limited to this. 

The working group is led by the three co-coordinators, Patrizia Ferrante, Babora Lekesyte and Laryssa Makaruk. Patrizia is a Doctoral candidate at the University of Torino (Italy) in the field of Complex Systems.

General goals of the WG:

The goal of WG Research and Society is to address issues related to research integrity, ethics, responsible research and innovation, and problems connected with misconduct in the community of doctoral candidates and early-career researchers in Europe. 

As various societal challenges are on the rise (climate issues, democratic challenges, tensions about resources and rising inequalities), while at the same time, public policies seem more and more influenced by short-term visions, emotion-based logic and fake news trends. Thus, researchers have, more than ever, a responsibility and an active role to play as a component of society. 

The working group is a platform for discussions, collecting and sharing information on research integrity, its practice, teaching and policies, as well as we hope to encourage learning from each other’s experience and raise awareness of research integrity among ECRs in Europe. 

This working group is dedicated to supporting projects fostering 

  • the role researchers and research play in society
  • socially responsible and evidence-based advocacy of researchers 
  • the integration of sustainability consideration in research projects and research environments. 

The current activities of the working group are 

This year’s focus is particularly set on issues of academic freedom and on reflection related to the involvement of Eurodoc in the conference of INGO at the Council of Europe (academic freedom and gender equality). 

Besides, the working group is working on a Statement on Research Integrity to be presented at the Eurodoc Annual General Meeting 2023.

  • The statement on research integrity focuses on the individual researcher's social responsibilities. This statement will include reflections on what responsibilities the individual researchers have when it comes 
    • to consider the implications of their research before it is carried out
    • to ensure that their research does not harm humans or the environment
    • to train themselves in the above 
    • to ensure that their research is used in a socially responsible way
  • The statement will also include reflections on what responsibilities the academic institutions have to train researchers in these issues.

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All Eurodoc has 6 working groups open for all Early career researchers and doctoral candidates affiliated with one or more of the members (national associations) of Eurodoc to join. In some cases, it is even possible for others to join these working groups.

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