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Employment Conditions Working Group

Employment Conditions Working Group

The WG Employment conditions are the working group in Eurodoc that focuses on the employment conditions of doctoral candidates and early career researchers. The working group was formed at the Eurodoc AGM 2022.

Employment conditions and welfare WG Coordinator: Marija Davcheva, a doctoral candidate at the University of Valencia, Spain.

This WG focuses on the employment conditions of doctoral candidates and early-career researchers. High-quality employment conditions are crucial for both the health and performance of ECRs and doctoral candidates. Thus, this EG will look into what are the specific challenges that ECRs face in Europe regarding their employment conditions and will provide policy recommendations for high-quality employment conditions.

The current activities of the working group are 

  •  Study and analyse the employment conditions of PhD candidates and ECRs in Europe and create a policy paper on employment conditions.

Analyse and report on the postdoctoral survey carried out by Eurodoc in 2018-2019, addressing the working conditions (Project: “Eurodoc Postdoc Survey 2018-2019”)

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