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Employment Conditions and Welfare Working Group

Employment Conditions and Welfare Working Group

The Employment Conditions and Welfare Working Group (WG) focuses on the employment conditions and welfare in the workplace of doctoral candidates, postdocs and other early career researchers (ECRs). The co-coordinators for 2023/2024 are: Anastasiia Simakhova from the Young Scientists Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Joanna Rutkowska from actionuni.

The aims of the working group:

  • Discuss and raise awareness about the specific challenges regarding employment conditions experienced by ECRs in Europe, emphasising the issue of precarious employment
  • Providing policy recommendations for high quality employment conditions for ECRs leading to a stimulating workplace environment

The current activities of the working group:

  • Creating a paper outlining the financial support of postdoctoral researchers in different European countries, and the additional opportunities for funding
  • Planning a webinar and writing a blog post based on the content of the paper

Previous outputs of this working group include:

Eurodoc statement: Setting high quality employment conditions for early career researchers

How to sign up for the WG mailing lists:

Each WG has a mailing list that is used to call for meetings, keep in touch between meetings, and share information of interest to its members.

Eurodoc has 7 working groups open for all doctoral candidates and early career researchers affiliated at least one National Association member of Eurodoc to join. In some cases, it is also possible for others to join these working groups.

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