The Official Newsletter of Eurodoc, Issue #20, October 2016

Eurodoc Newsletter, Issue #20, Oct 2016

Dear readers! We are pleased to present you with Eurodoc’s newsletter, aimed at informing Eurodoc members and other interested parties about recent activities proceeded by the Eurodoc community. In this issue:

  • Eurodoc Conference 2016
  • Eurodoc Board and Administration members’ profiles
  • Eurodoc WGs priorities in 2016/2017
  • Eurodoc Statement — Brexit should not impact academia
  • Representing Eurodoc
  • Ukraine, YSC MES — New Research Grant Competition for Junior Researchers in Ukraine: Bottom-up Initiative from the Young Scientists Council
  • Hungary, DOSZ — Hungarian JRs Representation in Doctoral Programmes Reforms
  • NA’s contribution to ERA — Latvia, Finland, Belgium
  • Highlight on: STEM — ESOF
  • Highlight on: UNIKE Conference — Science Europe Workshop
  • Highlight on: EFYI 2016

Download Eurodoc Newsletter, Issue #20, Oct 2016 (*.pdf, ~3,7 Mb)

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