European Forum of Young Innovators 2016

EFYI is an event that brings together representatives of the world of science and business, to discuss the key issues affecting young innovators. More »


Eurodoc has several workgroups: Career Development, Gender Equality, Interdisciplinarity, Mobility, Policy Research, Open Access, Governance, Finance, and Communication. The three latter are internal workgroups. All the workgroups serve as a platform for dealing with specific topics of young researchers in Europe. More »

History of Eurodoc

During the general meeting Eurodoc celebrated 10 years since its founding commemorating events and achievements since the first general meeting in Girona, Spain, in 2002. More »

Eurodoc members

Eurodoc is an international federation of 35 national organisations representing PhD candidates and young researchers from 35 countries of the European Union, and the Council of Europe. More »

Eurodoc projects

Eurodoc is part of many European and international projects More »

Join Eurodoc

Eurodoc consists of 35 member organisations. They all aim to improve the conditions of young researchers in their country, both by getting involved in research and higher education policy, but also by promoting interdisciplinary communication and networking. More »

Eurodoc conference Budapest 2014

Eurodoc conference Budapest 2014 More »


European Forum of Young Innovators (EFYI) 2016 Workshop ‘What Future for a PhD Holder?’ by Miia Ijäs and Gareth O’Neill

The first meeting of the European Forum of Young Innovators (EFYI) took place in Łódź, Poland on 24 and 25 October 2016. The event aimed to bring together representatives from the worlds of science and business to discuss key issues affecting young innovators and focused on the theme ‘From Idea by Transfer to Impact’. The conference was split across two days, with the first day involving panel discussions with experts from science and industry, and the second day involving workshops for early-career researchers (ECRs).

Despite the cold and wet weather on the second day of the conference, many courageous ECRs braved the elements to attend the workshops. One of the workshops was given by Miia Ijäs and Gareth O’Neill from Eurodoc on ‘What Future for a PhD Holder?‘. This was in the form of a learning café, where the 25 or so participants were split into four groups and revolved around four different themes. Each group discussed each theme in turn and wrote comments on flip-charts which were left for the next group to reflect upon and develop.

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The Official Newsletter of Eurodoc, Issue #20, October 2016

Eurodoc Newsletter, Issue #20, Oct 2016

Dear readers! We are pleased to present you with Eurodoc’s newsletter, aimed at informing Eurodoc members and other interested parties about recent activities proceeded by the Eurodoc community. In this issue:

  • Eurodoc Conference 2016
  • Eurodoc Board and Administration members’ profiles
  • Eurodoc WGs priorities in 2016/2017
  • Eurodoc Statement — Brexit should not impact academia
  • Representing Eurodoc
  • Ukraine, YSC MES — New Research Grant Competition for Junior Researchers in Ukraine: Bottom-up Initiative from the Young Scientists Council
  • Hungary, DOSZ — Hungarian JRs Representation in Doctoral Programmes Reforms
  • NA’s contribution to ERA — Latvia, Finland, Belgium
  • Highlight on: STEM — ESOF
  • Highlight on: UNIKE Conference — Science Europe Workshop
  • Highlight on: EFYI 2016

Download Eurodoc Newsletter, Issue #20, Oct 2016 (*.pdf, ~3,7 Mb)

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Livestreaming at EFYI


Live-stream during EFYI’16 provided! Due to the big interest in our conference, we decided to address the situation of all persons who for various reasons are not be able to participate in the 1st edition of EFYI’16.

The streaming starts on Monday the 24th October according to the schedule of the conference. We encourage everyone to watch us on Youtube channel (conference part):

The detailed program can be found at

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European Forum of Young Innovators — EFYI’16

European Forum of Young Innovators - EFYI'16

We are pleased to announce that on 24-25th of October 2016, the Foundation Poland Innovative in cooperation with the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC), the National Representation of Doctoral Candidates in Poland (KRD) and the Marshal Office of Lodz, organize the first edition of the European Forum of Young Innovators – EFYI’16.

The main objective of the Forum is to create a European platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and contacts between young innovators in the EU. The initiative aims also to encourage carrying out research in cooperation with industry and Polish research entities, as well as to promote international cooperation. The main concept of EFYI is the slogan “from IDEA by TRANSER to IMPACT. This idea fully illustrates the path that young innovator must cross in order to succeed. Through the implementation of this event we want to simplify this route to all young scientists. EFYI involves panel discussions and seminars with practitioners,  as well as workshops in order to advice the participants interested in the implementation of innovative solutions – so that in crossing the path from idea to success.

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Brexit should not impact open academia!

As the UK democratically voted for a Brexit, the consequences for higher education and research are not clear. This, unfortunately, places doctoral candidates and junior researchers in the United Kingdom in a potentially vague situation. Especially those early career researchers that rely on European funding as well as continental European early career researchers working in the United Kingdom. As of now, we acknowledge that the article 50 procedure hasn’t been initiated and the current status quo hasn’t been altered as of yet, when the United Kingdom does take this step to leave the European Union a new challenge for academia might arise.  As Eurodoc, an organisation that supports the interests of doctoral candidates and junior researchers across Europe, we see this as a serious problem in need of a remedy. The position of early career researchers needs to be made clear and protected in the event of Brexit. We argue that Brexit should not result in a loss of quality and opportunity for early career researchers. As Eurodoc, we hope our equals in the United Kingdom will not be limited in their pursuit of truth and knowledge. With this, we refer to the lifting of barriers as proposed by the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). We hope that the Brexit does not restrict the mobility and potential scientific collaboration across Europe, as Eurodoc envisions a ERA and EHEA policies where all researchers are duly recognised for their contributions. We exclaim our belief in a transparent form of academia with open access to all those who, in the words of Sir Isaac Newton, believe in the notion: “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

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