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The Official Newsletter of Eurodoc, Issue #21, March 2017

Dear readers! Eurodoc is pleased to present you our latest issue of the Newsletter, which was prepared by the Doctoral Training Working Group. This issues is aimed, especially, at the doctoral training and career development of ECRs. In this issue:

  • The evolution of doctoral education
  • Doctoral training in Finland
  • Doctoral training in the project SAF21
  • Doctoral training and career opportunities in Italy
  • Perspective of doctoral education in the Czech Republic
  • The Baltic university programme: an international course of PhD candidates
  • PhD Summer school for transferable skills development
  • Doctoral workshop 2016 in Hungary
  • Workshop ‘What future for a PhD holder?’
  • EURAXESS: Researcher career skills for career development
  • Vitae: Develop yourself as well as your research
  • Postdoctoral researchers’ in Europe: Main challenges to employment
  • ERASMUS+ Project SuperProfDoc

Download Eurodoc Newsletter, Issue #21, Mar 2017 (*.pdf, ~3,7 Mb)

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